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    Climate Change: A comedy?!

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    "Funny, forthright and fabulous" - West End Best Friend on J's Last show


    j's previous shows Sold out at toronto's comedy bar & hamilton's the staircase

    About the Show

    Are you ready for a night where humor meets the hottest topic on Earth—quite literally? Introducing Climatey. Climate Change: A Comedy?!, a one-of-a-kind stand-up comedy show that takes the gloom and doom out of global warming and replaces it with belly laughs and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of hope.


    Join our eco-comedian extraordinaire as they navigate the treacherous waters of climate change with a lifeboat full of jokes, songs, and the kind of wit that's sharp enough to cut through carbon emissions. From ballads about burning planets to musings on maple syrup shortages, this show is more than just a comedy night—it’s an experience that will leave you more environmentally enlightened than a documentary and more entertained than a barrel of recycling monkeys.


    Highlights Include:

    • The hit song “The Planet’s Burning (But Taylor Swift Will Save Us)”
    • A deep dive into the quirkiest climate conspiracy theories (space lasers, anyone?)
    • An exclusive reveal of Taylor Swift's master plan to solve climate change (Spoiler alert: involves less private jet-setting!)
    • And a no-holds-barred Q&A session where no climate question is too controversial!


    Perfect For:

    • Environmentalists with a sense of humor
    • Comedy lovers looking for depth in their chuckles
    • Corporate audiences, universities, and environmental groups
    • Anyone who’s ever thought, “I want to save the planet, but first, let me finish this coffee.”

    To book this show for your group or organization, contact jmurphysays@gmail.com.


    Ticket Info: Laugh now, act now! Secure your spot for a night of comedy that’s as refreshing as a sea breeze (before the ice caps melt).


    Sustainable giggles, eco-friendly bar, and a promise that for every ticket sold, a tree will be virtually hugged. Come for the comedy, stay for the change!


    Don’t wait for the sea levels to rise further — book now and ensure your spot for a night of sustainable laughs!

    About J Murphy

    J Murphy is a stand-up and musical comedian, international TEDx speaker, published author, producer, bookwriter, lyricist, actor and dancer based in Toronto. Their dynamic body of work has caught the attention of major outlets such as NBC, Toronto Star, West End Best Friend, CTV, NOW Magazine, and more.


    They have toured in Canada and the UK with their standup and storytelling solo show, "A Tinderella Story: Swipe, Wince, Repeat," which garnered a glowing ★★★★ review from West End Best Friend for being "Funny, forthright, and fabulous." This show not only graced the stages of the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival but also had sold-out performances at Toronto’s Comedy Bar and Hamilton’s The Staircase. Heralded by critics and audiences alike, the show's unique amalgamation of comedy, musical comedy, storytelling, and interactive elements resonates universally, especially with anyone who's ever been on a bad date.


    J's flair for musical comedy was further showcased when they penned the book and lyrics for a comedic musical, which the Toronto Star said “Strikes a chord”. This production also made waves when J produced it at the Toronto Fringe Festival, becoming one of the top-selling shows of that year. Moreover, J's short play was spotlighted at the InspiraTO Festival, Canada’s largest 10-minute play festival, and their digital mini-musical captivated audiences at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.


    Their multifaceted skills are backed by training from renowned institutions such as Second City, the Canadian Musical Theatre Writers Collective's Writers Workshop (under the guidance of Leslie Arden), Theatre Aquarius, and Queen’s University. J's versatility shines as they've showcased their talents in stand-up and musical comedy, theatre, musicals, improv, salsa dancing, and DJing for high-profile brands like Red Bull. As an eloquent speaker, J has delivered keynote speeches on international stages. A testament to their passion for dance, they recently were awarded two silver medals in salsa and bachata at the Montreal Salsa Convention.


    To book this show for your group or organization, contact jmurphysays@gmail.com





  • AUDIENCE REACTIONS from previous shows

    “I’m telling you without a word of a lie, Tinderella is an amazing show. It will make you laugh so hard…I was laughing my head off…So funny. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend it. If you have the chance to go see Tinderella, get out there and go see it. It is worth it. Two thumbs up” - Jennifer Robson


    “J Murphy's "A Tinderella Story: Swipe Wince Repeat" ditches the glass slippers and tells dating stories that are relatable - even if you've only dated one person, it's still relatable. Murphy's high energy, spunk and charm(ing) personality ties the show together and will make you wonder, how is she still single?

    Stories about silly Tinder men lying about their age, living with their parents or..not living with their parents rather, will leave you in stitches! It's a good night full of laughter and facepalms. The facepalms are only for the men they're talking about though.” - San Veliz


    “YOU HAVE to go see this show if you’ve ever dated anyone EVER. Or if you love laughing. This is your one woman show, your Fleabag before Amazon Prime, your Hannah Gadsby before Netflix. Don’t miss out.” - Rosie TJ


    "Brave, honest insight into the highs and lows of online dating! J shares stories everyone can relate to. Recommend as a funny, enjoyable show" -KM


    "Relatable content. Ever had a crazy date or tried to navigate the minefield of online dating? This show brings to light the madness of trying to find companionship online with light hearted, funny stories from J. If you have a crazy dating story to share yourself all the better!" - DF


    "This show is a light-hearted look at the world of dating in the modern world. J delivers a series of stories and anecdotes about her experience dating men and women via online platforms, and how to interpret the hilarious lies you encounter.
    Very funny with plenty of laugh out loud moments. Some gentle audience engagement." -DP


    "Entertaining and light hearted insight into the perils of online dating. Good audience participation with several laugh our loud moments at the truely cringe worthy things that people say in order to find a date." - Julia

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